Upgrade Horn

Toyota RAV4 Limited V6 2007: Upgrading the Horn


I was unhappy with the stock horn on the RAV4 and decided to replace it with something a little louder and more noticeable. This was a relatively easy procedure overall. It took me about 2 hours to complete but a capable person should be able to do it within an hour.

Tools and Parts

  • New Horns
  • 3/8″ Socket Wrench and 14mm socket (TODO) for disconnecting radiator supports
  • Open or Box Wrench 12mm (TODO) for disconnecting old horn and installing new horn
  • 2 Beers


Review the General Automotive Tips first.


TODO – List parts purchased

TODO – List tools needed
TODO – Add sizes for bolts

Remove the cover over the radiator

TODO – Provide details on clips

Radiator Support Opening Cover IMG_7782

Remove D/P bolts on radiator support

Upper Radiator Support Bracket IMG_7784

Upper Radiator Support Bracket IMG_7786Upper Radiator Support Bracket IMG_7785

Push the radiator torward the rear of the car and look for the horns.  You will unscrew the thin nut from the back of the horn.

Old Horn IMG_7787 Old Horn IMG_7792 Old Horn IMG_7791 Old Horn IMG_7790 Old Horn IMG_7789 Old Horn IMG_7788


Disconnect electrical connector by pushing on the tab (left side of this picture)

Old Horn Connector IMG_7794 Old Horn Connector IMG_7793


This unit comes with an adapter for the existing electrical connector.  You will connect the adapter to the existing harness on the vehicle and then you’ll have the necessary connector for the new horns. New horn requires a jumper for the ground. I connected the ground to the mounting post.

New Horn IMG_7796 New Horn IMG_7795


Connect up the wires and work the horn into place.  I had to put the horn in backwards initially and then rotate it once I got past the lip.  Curse as needed.

New Horn IMG_7799 New Horn IMG_7798



Attach the nut and tighten.  I put the face of the horn so it was somewhat facing down. I read somewhere that this was a recommendation so it doesn’t collect water. Not sure it that’s really a problem, but I still wanted the horn to face out to the side somewhat so the dumbass I’m beeping at can hear me.

New Horn IMG_7805 New Horn IMG_7804 New Horn IMG_7803 New Horn IMG_7802 New Horn IMG_7801 New Horn IMG_7800


New horns installed, give them a try and then close it all up.

New Horn IMG_7807 New Horn IMG_7806

Move radiator back into position

Install D/P bolts

Install Cover

Drink 2 beers.  The job is