Replace Visor

Toyota RAV4 Limited V6 2007: Replace Visor

Review the General Automotive Tips first.

. FOLLOW the instructions to the letter and you will NEVER have a drooping sunvisor again!
Well, I have had my visors replaced once just before the warranty was up and now they are starting to fall again.
I fixed mine by removing the mirror and lifting the vinyl through the mirror recess near the shaft that supports the visor.
Be careful not to tear the vinyl at the corner of the mirror recess.
You can see a hole in the foam core between the channel for the mirror light wires and the mirror recess.
Get a sharp razor and clean just a little of the foam around the hole so it will accommodate a short screw (self taping).
If you look down the hole you will see sheet metal with a hole. This sheet metal strip clamps the visor pivot shaft.
Make sure you use a short screw large enough to self-thread into the sheet metal hole
but short enough so it will not pierce through the other side of the visor.
I screwed the short screw in the hole and tighten just it enough to hold the visor.
I also kept the small piece of foam I trimmed out of the hole and placed it over the screw head
so the visor will not have a dimple on the vinyl after you put the mirror back in its recess.
Now with the screw in place all you have to do is remove the mirror and lift the vinyl a little
nd use a screwdriver to tighten it when needed.
With everything reassembled you can’t even tell that any repairs were preformed
and it only cost the amount of a short screw.