General Automotive Tips

  • Always wear gloves.  Sometimes it will be nitrile gloves, sometimes work gloves.  I go through them all very quickly so I keep backups handy.
  • Always were safety glasses.  Of course, they can be a pain and get in the way, but I don’t want to lose an eye doing these stupid projects. You can sneak them off when working from above, but must wear them when underneath or doing something that requires a lot of force.
  • Invest in a decent set of tools and have the right tool for the job.  Multiple socket and wrench sets in standard and metric.
  • Reference guides are helpful.  I use All Data DIY but others are available.
  • When jacking up the vehicle, do it safely.  Don’t jack up on the oil pan, find a support brace. Use wood in between jack and vehicle
  • Use jack stands after jacking up the vehicle.
  • Have a buddy around when possible. It’s tough to call 911 when you are pinned under your car. I do not recommend having your wife assist you (as she may be the one to pin you under the car or she may point out your mistakes right away rather than allowing you to do the wrong thing for two hours)